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What type of Visa do I need?
Depending on the amount of time you’ll be in Canada and the type of school program, you will need different kinds of visas. If your language course takes under 6 months to finish, your will be able to come up to Canada using a visitor visa. Any program that requires you to be over 6 months in Canada, whether it’s a language course or higher education program, you will need to apply to a study permit.

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Do I need to apply for a study permit in Canada?
You will need to apply to a study permit before coming to Canada if your program’s duration is 6 months or over. To do so, you will first need to be accepted by any of the schools that fall under Canadian school regulations and receive a “letter of acceptance”. You will also need to prove that you have enough economic support to pay for your living costs your time in Canada as well as many other documents.

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How can I study/work in Canada?
If your studying a higher education program that’s over 6 months in duration, your permit allows you to work 20 hours per week. There’s a kind of program that require its students study/work experience known as “co-op”, this is a great way of gaining real life labour experience. The “co-op” time can’t be over 50% of your entire program’s duration.

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What is and how do I get a post-graduation work permit?
The PGWP allows students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions to obtain an open work permit to gain valuable Canadian work experience. You might be able to apply for this permit depending on the type of program and school that you graduate form. This is a highly requested permit, as it may help you become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

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Can my partner obtain a work permit if I study in Canada?
In case you study full-time in a public institution, a private college in Quebec, or a bachelor, master or doctorate degree in private school, your partner will be eligible to apply to an open work permit that will last the same duration as your program. For this, you will need to be legally married or have lived together with your partner for more than one year.

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Can I work while I study English or French?
No, in order to be eligible to work, you will need to enroll in a vocational program that is over 6 months in duration at a school that falls under Canadian regulations.

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Can I work in Canada with an eTA or visitor visa?
No, having an eTA or tourist visa doesn’t allow you to work. In order to work in Canada, you will need to have a vocational program student permit that is over 6 months in duration or a valid work permit..

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